Combination between experience and innovation

FA.MI S.R.L. acts as a facilitator of the assembly operations, acting as a synergic partner of the clients even before acting as just an outside supplier. 

The company grounds its philosophy on the continuous and specific training of its technical staff, by applying some precisely certified and regulated organization patterns, on research and development activities that refer to solving problems and process optimization, as well as on specifically designing the assembly that refers to the specific needs of each production system.

Advantages of assembly for third parties

The outsourced assembly activity is a solution to the numerous issues that the companies encounter during the production cycle.

The companies choosing to outsource their assembly operations have advantages in connection to

Transport and logistics

Projects included in the budget for the next two years:

Trusting that we have provided a complete presentation of the services that our company provides and hoping that this presentation will lead to a collaboration,  we thank you for your attention.

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